Welcome to the Art Room with Carol Phillips, Powell Township School art teacher.

Each week Ms. Phillips teaches four 50 minute classes to students grade 1-8th. These classes are created using the Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE) method which involves a holistic approach to teaching art. In each lesson we combine art production with art criticism, art history or art aesthetics.

In other words art of the hand inspired by the heart and the mind.


5th and 6th Grade Class at work

Japanese Etigami

Here are some examples of Japanese Etigami (ink drawings using sticks and watercolor) made by the 1st and 2nd grade class. After creating the work on rice paper they were collaged together to create a kimono and completed by adding their portrait. These examples are made by Jacob and Kyler.

Tree of Life

This print was created by 7th grade student, Bethany, using a relief printmaking method where two colors and designs are registered on one print. It was inspired by Gustav Klimt's painting 'Tree of Life.'

Kuna Native People of Panama

This layered paper cut out art is inspired by the Kuna Native People of Panama and started with contour animal drawing. These were made by all students grade 3-8.

art 6
Raven Mask

6th grade student, Nolan , created this raven mask which was inspired by the Northwest Coastal Native Americans' Raven myths. It was made from a paper armature, plaster tape and tempera paint.